Places to Avoid on Your First Date

Before a first date, you always hear a series of “don’t do this” and “don’t do that” from your friends. But the thing is, have you ever heard them say “don’t go there?” Your friends usually tell you when not to kiss or what not to do, but they never really tell you where not to go. So, what are the places to avoid on your first date? Here are some examples:


Taking a girl to see a movie on your first date is not a really good idea. A movie theatre, first and foremost, is a well-known makeout spot. Unless you want to give your date an impression that you can kiss her before the movie ends, don’t take her to the movies. A great date place is somewhere you can have a good conversation. And with the actors’ dialogues projecting all over the place, it is almost an impossibility to understand what the other is saying when inside a movie theatre. The point of a first date is to get to know each other better – not to reach first base sooner.

Fancy restaurant

There is absolutely nothing wrong with treating your date to a fancy restaurant on a first date, but it is not advisable. Why? First dates are all about first impressions and first impressions usually lasts. By taking your date to a fancy restaurant on your first date, you are also setting a way too high standard for yourself. Treating her to a fancy meal is really impressive but it will also keep your date’s hopes high. Dates should always be better than the last and that is quite difficult to follow if you started with a fancy dinner. Unless you have a healthy wallet to support steaks and lobsters, settle for burgers and fries instead.

Your home

One of the biggest no-nos in date places is your home. Why? For a lot of reasons! First of all, it is only your first date. People go on dates to talk and get to know each other better. Dating is that phase where you try to discover whether you want to be a part of each other’s lives or not. It is not about rushing your way into a relationship! Taking your date to your home becomes an even worse idea if you still live with mom and dad. Introducing your parents will give your date an impression that you want to move fast. Surely, nobody wants to get married after the first date! The idea of a first date is to be impressive enough to get a second date. By introducing your date to mom and dad, you won’t even get another phone call.

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