Best Places for Blind Dates

You read a lot of articles and hear a lot of tips on what to do and what not to do on a blind date. Wear something comfortable. Don’t talk about your exes. Be polite. Don’t expect too much. But another important detail that many people tend to forget when it comes to blind dating tips is the date place itself. Where should you go on a blind date? To see a movie? Skating? In an art museum? Like most dates, blind dates also rely heavily on the location of the date. You have to choose a date place where you can talk and have fun. Here are some date place ideas for people who go on blind dates:


For blind dates, it is better to go out for drinks than meals. Why? Because going out for drinks has less pressure than say, eating at a fancy restaurant. While you are required to finish your entire meal, you are in no orders to finish your drink. You and your date, as far as traditional blind dating goes, are complete strangers. Pressuring each other into making a good impression will only ruin your potential romance. By having a few drinks at a local bar, you get to hang out casually like old friends. Just share a few drinks and a good conversation to decide whether you are interested on a second date.

Coffee house

People who wish to be alcohol-free during dates may visit a coffee house instead. Like a bar, a coffee house is a great place to just hang out. It’s quiet and relaxing – just the perfect setting for two strangers who are interested in getting to know each other better. One good idea of showing your date how much you are enjoying your time together is to share a dessert. Whether it is a slice of blueberry cheesecake or a cup of ice cream and cookies, a dessert will surely add a bit of sweetness to your blind date.


If your date insisted on having a meal together, then make it a lunch date. Unlike dinner dates, a lunch date is only supposed to last for a few hours. After finishing your meal or your conversation, you can decide whether or not to continue with the date. If you both feel that dating is not meant for you, then you can just politely exchange your goodbyes and leave separately. It will be a complete waste of time if you go on with the date even if you don’t get along well. But if you enjoyed each other’s company, then you can actually spend an entire afternoon together. You may catch a flick at a nearby cinema, visit an exhibit at a local gallery, or just take a walk around the park and who knows? It might be the start of something wonderful.

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