Perfect Date Places for Couples on a Budget

“What’s your idea of a perfect date?” is the one question that almost everybody asks. And for some reason, many people usually answer this question with a romantic candlelit dinner. Candlelit dinners, with the exception of those spent inside homes, can be a bit too much for a guy’s wallet.

The economic status of couples should never affect their dates and relationships. The success of a date is not measured by how fancy your date place is or how expensive your tab is. Your date can also be memorable and enjoyable even if it is not spent inside a fancy five-star restaurant. Here are several date place ideas for couples on a budget:

Local park

Who says parks are only for kids? Parks are for couples too! In fact, parks are some of the best dating places for couples on a budget! Why? For one thing, you don’t need to buy passes or tickets to enjoy an afternoon in the park. Aside from being accessible to all, your local park is a great venue for almost any fun activity known to man. Kite flying, biking, Frisbee throwing, fishing… the list goes on and on. For some quiet time together, you and your partner can have picnics in a shady spot in your local park. Eating homemade sandwiches while sitting on a carefully laid blanket in the middle of the park? Now, that’s a date!

Art museum

A museum may easily be overlooked as a great date place because of its “boring” reputation. A visit to a nearby art museum, however, just may be the most enjoyable and most inexpensive date you will ever experience. Like Jason Biggs and Mena Suvari in the movie “Loser,” pretend you can have one painting from each room. You can choose the paintings that seem interesting and discuss whether your date appreciates it as well. Visiting an art museum will not only satisfy your visual needs but it will also help you learn more about your partner’s artistic preferences.

Your home

Couples on a budget usually spend dates in the comforts of their home. Movie-loving couples enjoy homemade popcorn during DVD marathons while music-loving couples sing their hearts out during karaoke sessions. Other date things to do at home include playing board games, making finger paintings, baking chocolate chip cookies, and watching television sitcoms. Spending dates at home, however, is only recommended for couples who have been together for quite a while. First dates, unless you want to give your date a not-so-good impression, should never be spent at home.

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