Date Place Ideas for Adventurous Couples

The places to go on date say a lot of things about you and your partner. Spending dates in basketball courts reveal that you both enjoy shooting hoops while visiting Korean restaurants reveal that you both love eating kimchi. So, what about adventurous couples? Where do they go on dates?

Adventurous couples share the same love for challenges and obstacles. They love to run, swim, reach, climb, jump, and cross. For adventurous couples, the word “fun” is used to describe activities that are extreme and quite dangerous. Here are some great date ideas for adventurous couples:

Hiking trail

One great date place idea for couples who share the same thirst for adventure and love for nature is a hiking trail. Whether it is a trip to the base of a waterfall or a journey to the crater of a volcano, a hiking trip is always fun and exciting. Spending dates along a hiking trail will not only quench your thirst for physical activities but it will also satisfy your craving for visual wonders. After a long day of walking through a rough path, you may set up tents and bonfires in a nearby campsite. You may enjoy the rest of the night by eating delicious food and sharing funny camp stories with each other.

Paintball park

For many adventurous couples, the ultimate date place is like a battlefield. Somewhere they can act like soldiers and fight for their lives. Because actual battlefields are too dangerous to spend dates on, people created an alternative that will employ battlefield basics without causing too much harm. This is where paintballs come in. You and your partner may enjoy hitting compressed paintballs at each other that is very reminiscent of Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles’ paintball adventure in “10 Things I Hate About You.” This fun activity will not only allow you to fulfill your military role-playing fantasies but it will also reveal who has better shooting precision and military strategies.

Wall climbing gym

Another great date place for adventurous couples is a wall climbing gym. This date place idea is especially perfect if you and your partner share the same love for reaching high places and pushing themselves to the limits. You even can hold wall climbing contests to see who will reach the top first. Aside from being a fun dating activity, wall climbing is also a good physical exercise. It helps you develop your sense of balance and improve your strength of grip. Spending dates inside a wall climbing gym also serves as a good preparation for your outdoor rock climbing trip in the future.

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