Date Place Ideas for Artistic Couples

Couples go on dates for two reasons: to enjoy conversations and to have fun together. The idea of a perfect date place may vary depending on the specific preferences of the couples. A nearby go-kart track may be the perfect date place for a sporty pair but it will not be that enjoyable for a bookworm couple. For artistic couples, the perfect date place is somewhere they can practice their artistic skills and their creative minds. Here are some great date place ideas for artistic couples:

Open mike bar

The best date place where couples may showcase their artistry and creativity is a bar that holds open mike sessions. In open mike sessions, artists are given limited time to share their artistic talents with the rest of the audience. They may belt out tunes, read poetry, show off dance moves, or perform comedic sketches. Artistic couples will love spending dates in open mike bars because they can enjoy each other’s company and witness other people’s talents at the same time.


Another great date place idea for art-loving couples, especially those who are interested in drama, is the theater. Whether it is a comedic play or a musical, stage productions are always a hit with creative minds. Catching the latest theater production will not only let you enjoy the show with your partner but it will also help you get some tips and ideas on how to improve your craft. Theater dates don’t necessarily have to be spent on Broadway. Couples on a budget may also watch smaller productions like those which are shown in school auditoriums and local theaters. Watching the latest comedy offering of a local stand-up comedian may be an alternative.

Pottery class

The first thing that comes to mind (among people from the nineties, at least) when one talks of pottery class is Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore’s classic Unchained Melody-themed pottery scene in “Ghost.” The good thing is, you and your partner can have your own Unchained Melody moment by enrolling in a pottery class together. If pottery is too messy for your taste, then just opt for pottery painting classes instead. You can still be creative together without having mud on your hands.


Yes, that’s right. A backyard. Your backyard, your partner’s backyard – either will do. Why is a backyard a perfect date place for artistic couples? Well, you can do almost anything in a backyard. You can setup easels and paint pictures, gather materials and make crafts, or even strike poses and take photographs. You can go as far as your imagination goes. And if it is okay with the homeowner, you may also setup a gigantic canvas for a fun balloon painting activity.

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