Date Place Ideas for Athletic Couples

Couples have varying preferences when it comes to perfect date places. Book lovers may enjoy frequent visits to a nearby bookstore, but music lovers will always prefer a trip to a local record store. For athletic couples, the best places for a date are those where they can both exercise their athletic skills and show their competitive side.

If you and your partner, like tennis superstars Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf, bonded because of your love for sports, then you probably enjoy dates that also center on sports. The places to go on a date with your partner are not always limited to your home court or her boxing gym. Here are other fun date place ideas for you and your partner:

Bowling alley

Athletic couples, aside from sharing the love for sports, also enjoy friendly competitions. To play a fair game, a couple should look for a sport where neither of them excels greatly. If that sport is bowling, then go for it. Aside from being fairly easy, bowling doesn’t require much athleticism. You just have to roll the bowling ball along the lane and knock down as many pins as you can. After the battle for the most strikes, you can reward yourselves by enjoying burgers and fries from the bowling alley cafeteria.

Outdoor pool

Another great date place idea for sporty couples is an outdoor pool. The fun activities done in a pool is not limited to swimming and floating. You may also play a wide variety of fun games such as underwater hockey, water limbo, and pool basketball. An outdoor pool is also great for group dates. With other sporty couples joining you for some outdoor pool fun, you can also play a game of balloon squat relay or ice cube and piggies. And for the snacks? Poolside barbecue!

Miniature golf course

A popular date place for both sporty and non-sporty couples is a miniature golf course. The popularity of a miniature golf course may be credited to both its crazy course design and its difficult golf obstacles. Making a hole-in-one past that every-spinning windmill is so difficult that you and your partner will spend lots of time laughing at your failed attempts. Like bowling, miniature golf turns into a game of chance when played by two amateurs.

Date place ideas for athletic couples are not limited to bowling alleys, outdoor pools, and miniature golf courses. You may also visit batting ranges, skating rinks, and billiard halls. For athletic couples on a budget, a kite flying contest at the beach or a bike stroll along the park will also be enjoyable.

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